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Mark Zeller

Attorney at Law

Tom Borst is a superior and well-respected lawyer. He is an effective litigator who is uniquely courteous and professional, justly confident, and always prepared. Tom has an expansive expertise and a winning record in finding positive solutions for his clients in highly complex family law matters.


Tom is keenly in tune with the legal issues to any family law dispute but he also balances these legal principles with the emotional influences that also dictate the direction of the case. This balanced approach effectively and efficiently guided me through any dispute that arose throughout my divorce. Tom is very professional, respectful and patient. He was always responsive during my case and continues to provide me with support as issues arise. Tom represented me for over two years and he is the only family law attorney I recommend to my family, friends, and business associates.


I was referred to Tom from a school friend of mine who is a Judge in the State of California. Coming out of an abusive marriage both verbally and physically, I needed an attorney that could help me work through the issues of dissolving a long-term marriage with minor children involved. Tom helped me resolve dividing assets, spousal support and most importantly child custody and support issues. This is an emotional time in a person’s life and Tom showed great compassion and patience. Most importantly, Tom effectively fought for my legal rights with keen strategies and the use of his vast understanding of family law. His support team is top notch and very helpful in getting information and documents executed. It’s been several years since my divorce finalized, and I can honestly say I would make the same decision again in hiring Tom to represent me.


Tom is known for his professional, ethical, and compassionate manner. When I met Tom, I was nervous. I had never been through this before. He at once put me at ease. I knew I made the right choice. I felt confident I would have an attorney representing me against challenging odds. My case was messy but ended in my favor due to Tom’s diligence and continued effort to represent his clients to the best of his ability. I have recommended Tom to several of my friends. They all agree with me. “Tom helped us through a horrible time in our life and assisted us in our divorce and moving on afterward”. Tom isn’t about the money he earns. He truly cares about his clients and wants an outcome that serves us well. I have needed his services many times since my divorce. Tom steps up, reassures me, and continues to represent me. Tom is there for the long run.

I am grateful I met Tom and highly recommend him.


Going through a divorce is not easy. There are emotional issues, financial issues, children and family and legal issues. I interviewed seven divorce lawyers before I found Tom. After our initial meeting, I knew Tom was the one. He and his team did an excellent job handling my divorce. He is a great “sounding board” and a calming influence when things get crazy. He knows the law and is excellent at explaining options and strategies. During the process, I came to find out that he has earned the respect of judges as well as opponents. I continue to recommend Tom to others experiencing this life changing event.


I am very glad that I was referred to Tom by a friend. He helped me end a lengthy marriage and get through a difficult and painful divorce. My case was contentious and had complex issues including some significant and complicated separate property claims I had that spanned many years of my marriage. Tom recommended a forensic accountant whose excellent and professional work helped me preserve virtually all my separate property. I am happy with my decision to have hired Tom as my attorney and very pleased with the outcome.


In going through something that is as stressful and challenging as divorce, I can’t emphasize how important it is to have the right professional guiding you through it – I feel extremely fortunate that Tom represented me. What I especially like about Tom is that he deeply understands that getting to the best outcome is not just about “winning” but rather finding solutions that enhance your total life – security, relationships, children, future flexibility, etc. Tom is tough when he needs to be, but also has a special knack for understanding how and when to compromise. Tom was very good at helping me understand that what I might have been feeling in the heat of the moment would look very different 2-3 years into the future. Tom guided me to a settlement that was fair, had a minimal amount of acrimony, and in hindsight has worked exceptionally well for me on all levels.


Tom saw me through my long divorce process. Though divorce is, of course, painful, it was a pleasure working with Tom and his staff. Tom guided me to a good outcome when my prospects looked bleak. I knew from our first interactions that he was the right lawyer for me: trustworthy, fair, and very savvy about the law.

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