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While reasonable, negotiated settlements are always our preferred goal, this is not always possible. Circumstances may be complex, opinions or proposals may be too far apart, or emotions and personal antagonisms may run too high. Sometimes it is advisable for the court to decide. When these cases must go to hearing or trial, we advocate for our client professionally and aggressively with extensive litigation skill and trial experience.

Relevant facts of the opposing party are carefully investigated. Additionally, consulting experts (CPAs, CFPs, investigators, mental health experts, and others) may be consulted to clarify issues and assist us in effectively representing the client’s interest in court.

Litigation is not inexpensive. Costs for most clients is a weighty concern, therefore we strive for the most efficient means to achieve our client’s objectives. We work with our clients to analyze the cost vs. benefit of diverse litigation strategies. We believe that it is the client’s decision to determine the best way to proceed in his/her case.
Our reputation for effectual advocacy has been thoughtfully determined by client referrals from prior clients, former opposing litigants and opposing counsel.

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